Here’s how Sports Therapy provides sport-specific injury recovery

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We all know the benefits of Physiotherapy and personal training – whether to help us reach fitness goals, or after experiencing an injury or that niggle that’s lingered too long. 

Do you know how a Sports Therapist can help you?

Sports Therapists mainly focus on injury recovery. They’re highly trained and expertly skilled in assessing and diagnosing injuries – and then creating recovery action plans. These action plans provide recovery from the time of injury through to the end stages, preparing individuals or athletes for optimum performance.  

Sports Therapy covers the technique and training requirements of a wide range of sports, enabling Sports Therapists to design and implement sport-specific rehabilitation programmes.

Sports Therapy also plays a key role in preventing injuries by building resilience in your bodies and capability to withstand the risk of injury. 

In contrast, Physiotherapy is more medical-based. Physiotherapists are more broadly trained and knowledgeable on assessing and managing a wide variety of injuries and illnesses.

How Sports Therapy works at APPI

Our team’s made up of Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists – and we think we have the best combination to ensure your full recovery from injury and illness. Our new clients see one of our Physios for initial assessment and treatment. Following this, our Physio devises a plan for you, which can include a combination of Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy if you’ll need ongoing strength, conditioning and rehabilitation to get you back to your sport – whether at amateur or professional level.

Our Sports Therapists work with our Physios to help you recover from your injury, through all stages of recovery and at the specific level you need. Your rehabilitation is closely monitored and progressed to appropriate training loads to ultimately facilitate movement performance. 

Our Sports Therapists can also help you if you’re looking to attend classes but don’t feel your body’s quite ready. Sports Therapy can help you build strength and confidence to be safe and get the most out of your classes.

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Here’s what our Sports Therapists have to say

 “My passion for Sports Therapy stems from the need to ensure exercise is effective, safe and performed with the right technique. I love that at APPI movement is medicine and this is always at the forefront of my rehab sessions.”

Richu Brar, Wimbledon Clinic

“I’m an experienced Sports Therapist and love working closely with Physiotherapists to plan and implement an appropriate rehabilitation plan with specific goals and outcome measures in mind. I enjoy carefully monitoring exercise interventions and progressing them accordingly.

My particular expertise lies within sports injuries specifically of the lower limb and musculoskeletal conditions. I am passionate about getting my clients functioning more efficiently and helping them return to activity.”

Amanda Jadunath, Hampstead Clinic

“I’m an experienced Sports and Exercise Therapist and have a particular interest working in acute rehabilitation settings, closely with the Physiotherapy team. What motivates me about my job is that I play an integral role with clients’ rehabilitation by helping them to return to their optimal level of function and to be able to help them to prevent future injuries.”

Inga Kasinskaite, Hampstead Clinic