Prehab and rehab

We’ve helped many people back to full health and wellness after joint replacement surgery. Our bespoke Total Hip Replacement (THR) programme has continued for over 20 years – it’s one of the most in-depth programmes we deliver. We’ve seen so many people left without the relevant support and answers after the hospital phase. So we’re here to help you achieve your goals after hip replacement.

Here’s how it works

1. Prehab programme from 5 weeks before op

This is a crucial phase that often gets neglected. Let us ease your pain, strengthen your muscles and alleviate your concerns.

  • we’ll talk about the procedure and what it really entails for you
  • we’ll outline the programme for post-operative care
  • we’ll get you in as good shape as we can before the operation
  • let’s deliver you to the operation date ready for success

2. Post op weeks 0–5

This usually involves some home visits until you’re ready to come to clinic – where we start you on your exercise journey to full health and wellness.

The home visits will involve:

  • wound care advice
  • home exercise guidance
  • mobility and walking re-education
  • safety advice
  • equipment advice for keeping the joint safe

When you progress to the clinic we’ll start:

  • using the exercise bike
  • increasing your rehab exercises
  • adding some machine-based exercises to get you strong

3. Post op weeks 5–10

You’re now ready to step things up and bring in more strength and conditioning – as we’re now less concerned about the integrity of the hip. So it’s time to start pushing the exercises.

Many of you will be ready to head off and live your life by the end of this third phase. With a strong, safe and functional new hip.

4. Week 10+

This is the bonus phase.

Many of you will be fine after the first 10 weeks. Though do you want to make sure you’re back at your very best? If so, invest in the enhanced strength and conditioning we offer at our clinics – push yourself to be better than you ever were!

This truly is one of the most comprehensive and caring programmes that exist in the UK. Let us guide you to the best possible outcome for your new hip.