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Injury rehabilitation

In this blog our Physio and Running Coach Alex Parford explains how Physios carry out injury rehabilitation. What is it? Injury rehabilitation is a way of improving mobility, strength, balance and co-ordination when trying to recover from an injury. For the vast majority of people, the reason they have pain … Continued

Acupuncture from a newbie’s point of view

In this blog our yoga teacher Maryann Huynh tells the story of trying acupuncture for the first time. I believe in energy and connection As a yoga teacher, I’m a firm believer in the energetic body, how energy can get stuck and stagnant within us and that finding ways to … Continued

Shoulder impingement

What is it? Shoulder impingement is an irritation of a rotator cuff tendon within the shoulder. It’s also known as subacromial impingement syndrome. There are two types of impingement Primary refers to structural changes within the shoulder joint – which causes a narrowing of the joint space and compression of … Continued

Our Pink Ribbon programme for post-breast-cancer rehab

At APPI we’re honoured to offer our 8-week Pink Ribbon programme for post-breast-cancer rehabilitation. It’s a unique and effective programme – where we use transitional exercises for specific kinds of reconstruction surgery.  We’re confident our programme can make a great difference to the quality and function of your life.  How does … Continued

My Ultra Marathon experience

In this blog our Physio and Running Coach Alex Parford, based at our Wimbledon clinic, talks about his Ultra Marathon experience on Saturday 5 June. I recently undertook my first Ultra Marathon The race was organised by a company called Maverick Races and was held in Exmoor, North Devon. The … Continued

Technique training for runners

By Alex Parford, Physiotherapist, Run coach and Ultra marathon runner What is it? Through running technique training you can improve your form and biomechanics when you run. It’s usually done by implementing drills and coaching cues to make your running more efficient and effective. Why do it? Running technique training … Continued

What is Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy?

In this blog our Senior Musculoskeletal Physio and Running Coach Alex Parford explains Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy – including symptoms and what not to do. If you think you’re experiencing this, don’t worry, we can help! What is it?  Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy – also known as high hamstring tendinopathy – is … Continued

Should I keep running if my knees hurt?

In this guest blog, Knee Surgeon Ian McDermott explains whether you should keep running if your knees hurt. Over to Ian! There’s been quite lot of discussion that if one or both of your knees hurt when you’re running, then you should continue running. But there are certain instances where the correct advice is … Continued

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The origins of Pilates

In this blog Jonathan Grubb, APPI-qualified Pilates Instructor, writes about how Joseph Pilates originally created Pilates – and how his grandfather likely knew Joseph.  The background After the beginning of World War 1, Joseph Pilates was interned as a prisoner of war by the British Government – along with all … Continued

Joseph Pilates instructing

What is stress urinary incontinence?

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the involuntary leakage of urine during effort, exertion, sneezing, coughing or laughing.  You may be experiencing small leaks when you exercise or when lifting medium-to-heavy loads. This is usually due to increased abdominal pressure and weak or injured pelvic floor muscles. What causes SUI? The … Continued