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We help you to feel good or put you back together again, whether with Physio, Pilates or often both. Our teams in London are experts in our world-renowned method of APPI Pilates – helping people with any level of fitness or injury to achieve their movement potential.

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Superb service under the present conditions. I was initially cautious – however on arrival I could see they have taken all precautions to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are maintained. My treatment has in my opinion been very successful, and after many years of chronic pain I finally feel I’ve found a place which has really helped alleviate my pain. Thank you.
– Andrew B

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We have a handpicked team of experts who help people to transform their movement. We work with triathletes, busy professionals, long-term Physio patients, keep-fit retirees, ballet dancers – anyone who wants to stay active or recover. You’re all very welcome at APPI.

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I love my visits to APPI because I feel cherished there. My 1-1 sessions have dramatically reduced the level of pain I live with, and this has improved my quality of life hugely.


Our expert Physiotherapists combine APPI Pilates with their Physio specialisms to give you the very best treatment and exercise rehabilitation. You’ll be able to get help from professionals with serious credentials.


Based on our unique APPI method, each classic Pilates exercise comes in 4-6 levels, depending on pain, pathology and function. This helps people with any level of fitness or injury to transform their lives.


We have classes in Pilates, Yoga, Barre and strength & conditioning – as well as Pilates for kids, teens and pregnancy. Come to our beautiful studios to join a class run by our enthusiastic and welcoming experts, or take part online.

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Our classes and 1 to 1 Pilates and Physiotherapy appointments are available as online sessions.

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We are also open for in-person classes, 1 to 1 Pilates and Physiotherapy treatments.

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Hannah AtchesonHannah Atcheson
21:39 13 Oct 22
Natalie’s brilliant livestream Mobilising Mat class always makes my back feel 10 years younger! Well instructed, gentle strengthening with just the right balance of challenge and relaxation.Luiza’s classes are always wonderful, whether livestream or in person. Her way of explaining by use of imagery just makes every exercise so much more effective and thoroughly enjoyable.
Faisal AljaberFaisal Aljaber
17:57 06 Oct 22
Very great professional service! Praises specifically to Ellie and Tegan.Tegan really hit the pressure points I had in my shoulders, as well as assisting me with physical therapy regarding my knee and hip.Ellie was very helpful in everything concerning bookings.
Leena RasheediLeena Rasheedi
09:45 05 Oct 22
Great physio from Teagan, very informative and relieved my pain.
Andrew BevansAndrew Bevans
13:04 23 Feb 21
Superb service, under the present conditions, i was initially cautious however upon arrival i could see they have taken all precautions to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained. My treatment has in my opinion been very successful and a many years of chronic pain and finally feel i have found a place which has really helped alleviate my pain. Thank you kindly.
Kati KayKati Kay
16:21 15 Nov 20
Highly recommend the practice for both classes and for physios! Have been going for years now. Marc, Todd and Alison have been great.
08:19 06 May 20
Saved my entire life. Couldn’t walk upstairs to the studio. Major back problems for 20 years. Glenn and later on other great physios continued to help me. After so many years of not being able to sit down, go to the cinema or a restaurant, my life changed incredibly. I can’t thank you at APPI enough. I still attend classes and have been with APPI for 17 years.Wouldn’t dream of stopping now I have my life back. THANKYOU!
Carly MadhvaniCarly Madhvani
20:36 30 Jul 19
Mark Archer provided an excellent rehabilitation programme for our 14 year old daughter. It took 4 months of twice weekly sessions to restore her hip from a netball injury. Now she is back playing at County level and we are so grateful for his continuous support and engaging manner. Not only did he fix the problem, but we learnt a lot about the human body, for which we are very appreciative. Highly recommended.
10:43 31 Jan 19
Following a really thorough 1-2-1 assessment with a physiotherapist who recommended mat classes, I have now attended two very relaxing sessions with Kasia who is incredibly attentive, correcting and adapting for the individual when necessary. It's a warm, supportive, friendly, centre.
Ruth CormanRuth Corman
15:22 18 Jan 19
Been going there for a few years now, wouldn't miss it for anything - a quite convinced that my regular sessions plus occasional physio - all by highly qualified trainers, is the activity that keeps me fit. I always know if I get a slight ache it can always be sorted out at Pilates. Thanks for looking after me! Can recommend it without hesitation.
Janet KentridgeJanet Kentridge
22:45 17 Jan 19
Excellent, knowledgeable physiotherapists, many of whom also provide superb one on one Pilates sessions as well as classes. Therapists focus on immediate relief of problems as well as the work needed for medium and long-term progress.
Kasia ZielinaKasia Zielina
16:14 08 Jan 18
I have been attending various Pilates classes at this centre for more than 1.5 year. This is one of the best Pilates place in London. Extremely experience staff who is dealing with various medical issues and also anti and post natal patients. Very friendly and welcome environment.
David SaleDavid Sale
21:31 01 May 23
Mitch and the team were fantastic in diagnosing the causes of a running injury and devising a rehab plan that enabled me to complete the London marathon. Sessions were well structured, always on time and symptoms carefully monitored and acted upon. A mixed of physio strengthening, phased return to running, mobility work and Pilates did the trick. But, the advice and reassurance was key to success, ensuring that I could monitor between sessions. They are simply fantastic and would highly recommend for physiotherapy treatment. When I injured my leg, I thought the marathon was over but they got me there and through it injury free… thank you.
Sam StorrerSam Storrer
14:02 25 Jan 23
After knee surgery #12 Sam Wells at APPI Clinic helped me recover and get back to normal everyday activities in a relatively short time. Sam developed a solid plan gradually building a foundation of overall strength in the legs in order to support my knee as it also recovered and strengthened. Sam is very knowledgeable, he provided exercises that challenged me and set weekly goals that were specific to my everyday life and activity level. Sam provided weekly workouts that I could do at home with easy to follow pictures and videos to refer to. The staff at APPI were all welcoming, helpful and easy to work with regarding scheduling, billing. As an added bonus APPI Clinic provides more than physio, one can easily transition to a range of exercise classes in order to continue strength building in a safe and supervised manner.
Diane du PlessisDiane du Plessis
14:30 24 Jan 23
A huge thank you to Mitchell Stokes, Physio at APPI Wimbledon! Your fun, patient and professional approach has been highly motivating to an initially reluctant young teen who had been struggling with knee pain for a while. Your input very quickly made such a difference and it’s just great to see my son free of pain and active again.I can’t recommend Mitchell highly enough!
Zuzanna FiminskaZuzanna Fiminska
17:49 22 Dec 22
I started physiotherapy with Lucy Metcalfe in October 2022. As an aerialist recovering from an injury, I was looking for someone to give me a precise exercise programme and to teach me to use my body intelligently. Lucy has been very patient and sensitive to my needs, responding to whatever was going on in a given week. The physical benefits of her approach are beyond any of my expectations. I have new-found freedom in and ownership of my body. I leave our sessions feeling refreshed, relaxed, encouraged, and frankly, powerful, ready to take on challenges and hopeful that I can achieve the goals that seem to keep moving further and further into the future.
Patrick WilsonPatrick Wilson
08:32 15 Oct 22
I have regular massages with Cristina at APPI Wimbledon as she is one of the very best massage therapists I have experienced. I like firm massages and she excels at these. She has extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and so is brilliant at dealing with injuries. Above all Cristina is a lovely kind person who goes the extra mile for her patients. I recommend her highly.
Sandy HallSandy Hall
12:38 11 Oct 22
Nothing but compliments for the team at APPI Wimbledon. I injured myself training for the marathon and met with Sam to agree a rehabitilation programme. I have been genuinely impressed with the quality of the advice and professionalism shown by Sam and his colleagues and am pleased to say that when race day came around I ran pain free! When I recover (...) I plan to see Sam again for ongoing running coaching and preventative physio. Excellent all round!
Lucy PattulloLucy Pattullo
21:31 06 Oct 22
Cristina is an excellent and knowledgeable sports masseuse - so much more than an ordinary spa massage. She is happy to work on specific body areas which need attention or an all over MOT. Cristina is careful to assess posture and issues and always instinctively knows which bits are hurting and how best to treat me to balance my body and get things back functioning properly. Great for injury rehab or a general maintenance massage.
Neil McCleanNeil McClean
16:54 28 Sep 22
Having physio with Sam at APPI after tearing my ACL and meniscus playing football. Was worried I would need surgery to get back playing again, but Sam has done incredible work to get me back playing again. He is a fantastic physio with such a range of knowledge and he keeps all the sessions fun and engaging. It is such a friendly atmosphere at APPI due to all the staff and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for physiotherapy.
Kate Moran RichardsKate Moran Richards
11:40 30 Jul 22
I am pleased with my one to one Pilates sessions with Olga at APPI. She structures the classes with care and always makes sure each session has something new which helps me progress. I definitely feel that my Pilates sessions are well worthwhile.
Caroline ToftCaroline Toft
15:55 13 May 22
I never thought that Pilates would be something that I would actually enjoy but I do!! I was advised to take it up by my doctor. It has helped boost my confidence mentally in terms of the progress I have made and what I am able to do and my strength and flexibility have improved hugely. Having had a bone density scan 4 years ago I had another one a couple of weeks ago and the results were excellent and showed that my bone density has even improved. Thank you Appi!!
15:24 09 May 22
My pilates sessions with Sam have been of great help, and possibly the best turning point after few years of chronic back pain. Sam is very professional, relaxed and you can feel he looks for excellence, which makes you enjoy with the progress and feel you are making a benefit of every single second of the session.
Rachel GloverRachel Glover
14:16 07 Apr 22
This is an excellent clinic - friendly, professional, great facilities, and super knowledgeable practitioners. Sam has been my physio for the last 6 months and the gains I have made have been incredible. I have seen a lot of physiotherapists over the last 15 years with hips issues, but the insights from Sam, and prior to that, Mel, have cut through the generic advice I have had in the past to really target particular issues I was dealing with in my back, ribs, flexors, hamstrings etc. and get me to a place where I can start to think about achieving my potential again. My recent issue free marathon is testament to this. Brilliant - would highly recommend!
Rory PageRory Page
09:33 21 Nov 21
Amazing staff, really friendly atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable. They tailor the exercises they set for you and I've found they are exactly what I needed to improve from my injury. Sam has been my physio and he's been brilliant from the start, extremely knowledgeable and knows what to do to make the injury improve week to week. I can't recommend highly enough!