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We help you to feel good or put you back together again, whether with Physio, Pilates or often both. Our teams in London are experts in our world-renowned method of APPI Pilates – helping people with any level of fitness or injury to achieve their movement potential.

Our story

Superb service under the present conditions. I was initially cautious – however on arrival I could see they have taken all precautions to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are maintained. My treatment has in my opinion been very successful, and after many years of chronic pain I finally feel I’ve found a place which has really helped alleviate my pain. Thank you.
– Andrew B

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We’re an inclusive community and we’d love you to join us

We have a handpicked team of experts who help people to transform their movement. We work with triathletes, busy professionals, long-term Physio patients, keep-fit retirees, ballet dancers – anyone who wants to stay active or recover. You’re all very welcome at APPI.

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I love my visits to APPI because I feel cherished there. My 1-1 sessions have dramatically reduced the level of pain I live with, and this has improved my quality of life hugely.


Our expert Physiotherapists combine APPI Pilates with their Physio specialisms to give you the very best treatment and exercise rehabilitation. You’ll be able to get help from professionals with serious credentials.


Based on our unique APPI method, each classic Pilates exercise comes in 4-6 levels, depending on pain, pathology and function. This helps people with any level of fitness or injury to transform their lives.


We have classes in Pilates, Yoga, Barre and strength & conditioning – as well as Pilates for kids, teens and pregnancy. Come to our beautiful studios to join a class run by our enthusiastic and welcoming experts, or take part online.

Online appointments

Our classes and 1 to 1 Pilates and Physiotherapy appointments are available as online sessions.

In-person appointments

We are also open for in-person classes, 1 to 1 Pilates and Physiotherapy treatments.

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