Exercise, movement and manual therapy

Our Sports Rehabilitators are highly trained to help you with pain, injury or illness that involves the musculoskeletal system. We assist people of all ages to maintain their health and fitness, reduce pain, and recover from and prevent injury – all using exercise, movement and manual-based therapies.

How does it work?

Our Physiotherapists and Sports Rehabilitators work as a team. Our Physiotherapists assess and diagnose the cause of pain and then devise a plan for you – which can include a combination of Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation therapy.

Clinic room

Treatments may include

  • exercise rehabilitation
  • graded activity
  • manual therapy
  • workplace assessment and modification
  • massage
  • taping
  • shockwave therapy

You’ll be taken from injury through to full function and beyond while also learning how to prevent occurrences and continue to optimise your potential.

In-person rehab

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Online rehab

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