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TLC Wellness Day – Prioritise your wellbeing

TLC Wellness Day

Saturday 27th March

Join our one-day wellness festival

Treat yourself and your loved ones to some well-deserved TLC for your mind and body on 27th of March.

We all enjoyed our last Wellness Day so much and we want to keep spreading the feel good vibes, so we’re holding another one. Please join us for another brilliant day of feel good sessions for mind, body and soul from our team and beyond!

We look forward to spending a revitalising day with you to keep all our spirits up!

Event Details

Saturday 27th March
From 9am to 5pm
All events will take place on Zoom

Once you’ve secured your spot, you’ll receive an e-invite with your Zoom links. This will allow you to choose which workshops you attend throughout the day. We’ll record all sessions so you can enjoy or revisit them anytime in the following week.


Ticket price: £25 (with £5 from every ticket donated to The Felix Project)
Free to all of our brilliant NHS workers


Vegan Brownies from The Vegan Baker
£12.00 plus £4.50 p&p – Last orders Friday 19th March
Total package: £41.50

Mind Spa Bath Salts from Clarity Blend Aromatherapy
£16.00 – Last orders Friday 19th March
Total package: £41.00

A mini slab of biscoff brownies with a gooey center filled with biscoff & dark choc chunks topped with melted biscoff spread & biscoff chunks.

Ingredients and allergens

Dark chocolate, flour (GLUTEN), sugar, SOYA milk, vegan butter, lotus biscuits (GLUTEN), biscoff spread (GLUTEN), cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla extract & salt

Trays are approx 7″x6”

Company story

Claudia’s business has exploded in popularity due to her utterly delicious vegan bakes. Claudia decided to set up from her kitchen in Alton, Hampshire after turning vegan and desperately missing doughnuts. Since she couldn’t easily get her hands on one, she decided to do something about it. So thanks to The Vegan Baker, no one misses out – no matter your diet choice, allergies or intolerances.

Shipping info

Someone needs to be available at the delivery address at the time of delivery. Brownies will be sent out Tuesday. 23rd to ensure delivery before the event.

All boxes are sent out via APC Overnight courier. Click here for further shipping info.

A large 500g pouch of luxurious Mind Spa Bath Salts from Clarity Blend. This calming trio of eucalyptus, lavender and bergamot will leave you feeling more grounded and balanced, and ready to face the world. Soothing eucalyptus, therapeutic lavender and uplifting bergamot are lovingly hand-blended with magnesium-rich Epsom Salts, dried rose petals, lavender and chamomile flowers…because you deserve a special treat. Consists of 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients (absolutely no artificial fragrances or parabens here!)

Company story

Veronika and Dimitar Vasilevm the husband-and-wife team behind Clarity Blend Aromatherapy, are on a mission to help you live happier and more balanced lives by harnessing the transformative properties of plants in your self-care routines.

By sourcing pure essential oils from all over the world and sprinkling a touch of their Bulgarian heritage into their blends, their aim is to capture the essence of the meandering meadows and flowery scents of their childhoods and share their natural benefits with you.


Line up

9.00am – Wake Up Yoga class with Yoga teacher Maryann Huynh

There is no better way to start your Wellness Day with us than this ever-popular class. Maryann’s beatifically calm yet motivating style awakens, invigorates and elevates your mind and body, leaving you feeling on top of the world.

10.00am – Foundation Running Strength workshop with Physiotherapist and Running Coach Sam Wells

Join this practical session and learn a small series of key Running Strength exercises to prepare and maintain your body for running. Our Physiotherapist and Running coach brings all the experience, expertise and inspiration needed to help you get the most out of your running.

11.00am – Your daily Stretch Routine with Inga Kasinskaite

This class is designed to help you achieve greater flexibility and increase your mobility when practised routinely over time. Inga will teach you a short series of stretch and mobility exercises for the key areas of your body to take away and practice in your everyday life to ease, improve and enhance your movement.

1.30pm – Relieve Neck pain and Headache with Sports Rehab Therapist Sophia Ayranova

Shoulder, neck and headache tension is unfortunately at an all-time high since the pandemic. Learn simple and effective rehabilitation incorporating a mix of stretches, release techniques, mobility exercises and movements to restore muscle balance.

2.30pm – Practicing Appreciative Joy with Hannah Ellicock Registered Osteopath

Appreciation is a facet of Mindfulness, we can use it to help us engage and enjoy the present moment more fully, even in the midst of challenges. Nurturing appreciation can help us find joy in the little things that enrich and enhance our life. In this session we will learn 2 short mindfulness practices, which you can use at home and share with those around us.

3.30pm – Yin Yan Yoga and meditation with Yoga teacher Salma El-Ansary

Wind down your wellness day with this tranquil Yan Yoga class. Your class will guide you slowly and mindfully into stretches and postures and then encourage pause, breathe and harmony. Each gentle stretch being is held for a few minutes to allow the perfect time time to slow and calm your body down. A divine extended deep meditation at the end of class offers the perfect way to and end the day in a positive, calming way.

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