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TLC Wellness Day

Saturday 27th February

Join our one-day wellness festival

Treat yourself and your loved ones to some well-deserved TLC for your mind and body on 27th of February.

We all enjoyed our first Wellness Day so much and we want to keep spreading the feel good vibes, so we’re holding another one on February the 27th. Please join us for another brilliant day of feel good sessions for mind, body and soul from our team and beyond!

We look forward to spending a revitalising day with you to keep all our spirits up!

Event Details

Saturday 27th Feb
From 9am to 5pm
All events will take place on Zoom

Once you’ve secured your spot, you’ll receive an e-invite with your Zoom links. This will allow you to choose which workshops you attend throughout the day. We’ll record all sessions so you can enjoy or revisit them anytime in the following week.

Fee: TLC wellness day £25

Line up

9:00am – Wake Up Yoga class with Yoga teacher Maryann Huynh

Start your TLC day with a good morning yoga class to awaken, energise and brighten your mind, body and spirit. Open your mind, body and heart with a gentle Vinyasa yoga flow and set yourself up perfectly for the day ahead.

10:00am – Shoulder and neck care with Physiotherapist Kelly Benriassa

With all of us juggling working from home, home school, running businesses while having to share devises and work spaces, it’s no wonder we have seen a big increase in neck and shoulder injuries and neck related headaches. And its not just us adults, it’s also our teenagers who are spending 8+ hours a day at a desk with in adequate breaks or sport. So this session looks at desk set up, how and when to break up the sitting and what you can do in these ‘sitting’ breaks to better look after your neck and shoulders.

11:00am – Pilates Reformer on the mat class with Pilates Instructor James Dean

Missing the reformer? Or perhaps interested about Pilates on the reformer? Join this fun reformer on the mat class to experience some of the total body reformer sequences and how they benefit our body awareness, focus, control, strength, co-ordination and much more. This is an improver level class and you will be shown different levels at which you can choose to work at which feel right for you. We also recommend having a Pilates band for this class.

1:30pm – Delicious stretch and mobility Pilates class with Physiotherapist Luiza Kessler

Who doesn’t need to breathe, look inwards, stretch and move your body with kindness right now? This mindful and flowing Pilates class is perfect for tuning into your body and providing it with the movement tonic it needs to elevate your mind and spirit.

2:30pm – Practicing Mindful Self Compassion with Hannah Ellicock Registered Osteopath

In challenging times we all too often focus our energy on the needs of those around us. Rather than being self indulgent, the Mindfulness practice of Self Compassion helps us take better care of ourselves, so that we can then help others more effectively, at home and at work. This will be an experiential, practical session involving guided meditation and an invitation to write down what comes to you, have a pen a paper to hand.

3:30pm – Yoga and meditation with Yoga teacher Salma El-Ansary

Finishing off our TLC Wellness Day, is this slow Yang / Yin yoga class. Your journey starts with a few strength-based postures and ends with slow floor stretches, each being held for a few minutes to slow the body down. A divine short meditation at the end of class offers the perfect way to and end the day in a positive, calming way.

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A Beginner’s Yoga Course at APPI Clinics Online

29th January – 5th March 08:00-9:00am

Cost: £85

Yoga is a powerful way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Perhaps you’ve thought about giving it a go but are unsure about where to start or are intimidated by getting started in a public class. If you’re looking for a friendly setting to learn with tailored instruction, the beginners’ yoga course at APPI is for you. Over 6 weeks from the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn the basics to create a strong foundation for your Vinyasa Yoga practice. You’ll gain the confidence to step into group Yoga classes with the know-how to make the practice work for your body. The course will be limited to a small number of students to ensure that the environment and tuition stays personal and open for questions and exploration.

With MaryAnn Huynh

Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Mandala Vinyasa, NuPower Yoga Teacher
The House of Yoga 200-hour certification, Lumi Power Yoga 300-hour certification and NuPower Yoga certified
CPD Certifications in Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

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