Manage your recovery

Our Sports Therapists are highly trained and expertly skilled in assessing and diagnosing injuries, and then creating recovery action plans. We’ll help you manage your recovery from the time of your injury through to the end stages of your recovery, preparing you for optimum performance as an athlete or in everyday life.

Sports Therapy also plays a key role in preventing injuries – by building resilience in your bodies and capability to withstand the risk of injury.

How Sports Therapy works at APPI

Our Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists work as a team.

  1. Firstly our Physiotherapists assess and diagnose the cause of pain
    They’ll then devise a plan for you. This can include a combination of Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy if you’ll need ongoing strength, conditioning and rehabilitation to get you back to your sport, or simply back to your best. We think we have the best combination to ensure your full recovery from injury and illness.
  2. Our Sports Therapists work with our Physios to help you recover
    They’ll work with you through all stages of your recovery, tailoring your rehabilitation to the specific level you need. Your rehab will be closely monitored – progressing to the appropriate training loads you’ll need to ultimately facilitate movement performance.

Our Sports Therapists can also help you if you’re looking to attend classes but don’t feel your body’s quite ready. Sports Therapy can help you build strength and confidence to be safe and get the most out of your classes.

Physiotherapist treating injured back of athlete

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