APPI Clinics are a provider for Bupa, Bupa International and AXA PPP and directly invoice for your treatments on your behalf.  We’re also registered with Aviva, Vitality and Cigna.  It is our policy to hold a credit card on file for you throughout the duration of your treatment.  This enables us to collect any excess payments that are not covered by your insurance.  You will be notified beforehand if we need to take a payment from you.

Bupa and AXA PPP Health Insurance in detail

  1. Contact BUPA or AXA PPP and request an authorisation number for your course of treatment.  At this time, clarify your entitlement as this varies greatly depending on your individual policy.  There may be an excess for you to pay and/or a cap on the overall amount your insurer will provide you with.  We refer to these as gap payments. When registering with us at APPI, you accept full liability for any gap payments.  APPI clinics will not be held responsible for any fees your insurer does not cover.
  2. Please note that if you have more than one area of the body requiring treatment, you will require two authorisation numbers.
  3. Of further note, the session length of your Physiotherapy appointment is based on the clinical reasoning of your Physiotherapist and NOT your private health insurer.
  4. Complete and return our registration form in advance of your first session and include your Bupa or AXA membership and authorisation numbers.  At this time, we will request information from you on how many sessions your provider has authorised. If at the time of your appointment you are unable to provide us with your membership and authorisation number, you will need to pay us directly for your treatment until you can provide the required information.
  5. If your Physiotherapist advises that further sessions are required, you will be required to contact your insurer and request a new authorisation number.
  6. It’s important to note that BUPA and AXA PPP contract APPI Clinics to provide with Physiotherapy services only.  Our other services including Rehab therapy, Pilates 1 to 1, Pilates classes, massage are not currently recognised by private health insurers.  If you are accessing these services, you will be invoiced directly.  
  7. Our 24 hour cancellation policy applies for private health insurance members. We require 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. Please note that your insurance company will not pay this cancellation fee and you will be liable for payment in full.

All other Private Health Insurance in detail

  1. Payment in full is required at the time of your treatment session.  APPI Clinics will provide you with a receipt of payment that can be used to reclaim fees directly from your private health insurer.
  2. It’s also important to note you can only claim for Physiotherapy treatment – you’re not allowed to use your private health insurance for Pilates services, 1 to 1, classes, Yoga, Barre, massage or any of our other non-medical services.