Life-changing techniques

Our Pilates expertise is based on many years of experience, extensive research and our own unique APPI Method of Pilates. With 4-6 levels for each classic Pilates exercise, our method makes Pilates accessible to everyone, with any level of fitness or injury.

Our story

Our Pilates teachers

Our Pilates teachers come to us already highly trained, experienced and confident in their approach – and then undergo our own APPI Pilates training. Our method is now used in 30 countries worldwide.

Our Physiotherapists

Our team of Physiotherapists are carefully selected for their experience, specialisms and strong reputations among our medical referrers. They integrate Physio assessment, manual treatment and rehabilitation with our APPI Pilates method to help you achieve your movement goals.

Movement medicine in our London studios

As well as our Pilates classes and our Physio 1 to 1s, we also offer massage, Yoga and Barre classes. You’ll be in the safe hands of our expert, compassionate and like-minded therapists – who work closely together with you to bring your body back into balance.

Online appointments

Our classes and 1 to 1 Pilates and Physiotherapy appointments are available as online sessions.

In-person appointments

We are also open for in-person classes, 1 to 1 Pilates and Physiotherapy treatments.