Elite and recreational treatment

We treat a wide range of sports injuries common among high level and recreational athletes alike. Our experienced team of sports Physiotherapists use sports-specific assessments to reach an accurate diagnosis.

What we treat

  • sprains, tears and ligament damage
  • rotator cuff tears and injuries
  • repetitive injuries
  • knee injuries including ACL tears, meniscus damage and patella tracking issues
  • fractures
  • neck and spinal injuries
  • foot and ankle injuries
  • poor biomechanics
  • sport strength and conditioning
  • soft tissue injuries

How does it work?

Based on a sound knowledge of the injury, its causing factors and the various demands of the sport itself, our Physios devise specific programmes of treatments. These include soft tissue techniques and sports-specific exercises to restore function, enhance performance and prevent further injuries.

Treatments may include

  • taping
  • muscle energising techniques (MET)
  • assisted stretching
  • joint mobilisation
  • run assessments
  • acupuncture
  • joint or spinal stabilisation
  • Pilates rehabilitation

What to expect

Your Physio will assess your injury and surrounding areas – either through a hands-on assessment or taking a look at your biomechanics (how your body moves). By establishing a diagnosis and its causing factors, your Physio will create a personalised rehab plan, including manual therapy, to get you back to your sport safely.

Sports teams we’ve worked with

Premier League teams including Man United, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea – as well as English National Ballet, West End musicals and national-level gymnastics and rugby teams.

Meet our consultant partners

Our handpicked circle of sports consultant partners provide speedy communication, referrals, investigations and sound advice.

You can book in-person Physio appointments at our Wimbledon or Hampstead clinics. Our Physio appointments are available online too – we can assess through video chat and discuss likely diagnosis, exercises and next steps.

In-person physiotherapy

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Online physiotherapy

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