What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a research-based healthcare profession that aims to restore your movement and functional ability. It’s an independent profession where practitioners make their own treatment decisions and clinical judgements. At APPI, we integrate Physio assessment, manual treatment and rehabilitation with our unique APPI Pilates programme of posture and movement exercises. Physio with us is a fluid experience which can flow between the Physio treatment room and our specialised Pilates studios for movement-based therapy.

Right from making the initial assessment appointment, the staff have been friendly, caring and very supportive. They have a genuine concern for my wellbeing and strive to help.

Your first consultation

You’ll start with a 1 to 1 assessment with one of our Physios, either online or in one of our London clinic rooms. They may look at your posture, range of movement or muscle strength. There may be some element of undressing, so we encourage you to wear comfy clothing – such as a vest top and shorts. We may also carry out a real-time ultrasound or a treadmill run analysis.


All our Physiotherapists are HCPC and CSP registered. You can also rest assured that we work closely with our referring medical partners to create a joint approach to your recovery.

How we treat you

Manual therapy
  • joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • trigger pointing
  • acupuncture to activate your body’s nervous, hormonal and pain-relieving systems
  • ART (Active Release Therapy) – a soft tissue system/movement-based massage technique
  • ergonomic assessment and advice
  • remedial massage to treat the soft tissue in the joints – ideal for relaxation and removing tension
  • dry needling for treating pain and dysfunction by stimulating the body’s release of natural pain killers

Exercise-based treatment
  • rehabilitation Pilates where the Physiotherapist prescribes individually designed rehabilitation programs specific to your needs
  • sport-specific strength and conditioning for injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • dance medicine – postural and spinal stabilising exercises to improve dance technique
  • home exercise plans

I couldn’t recommend APPI more highly for Physiotherapy. Glenn is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He has treated my husband following a slipped disc and my son, who was doing elite level sport, for a groin injury. In both instances he was excellent, helping them return to full function safely and quickly.
– Jane W

What we treat

Our experts specialise in a wide range of Physiotherapy treatments – whether for injury prevention, ‘prehab’ before or ‘rehab’ after surgery, or an acute or chronic injury. Our APPI approach is tailored to your individual needs.

Our Physio services

From your first consultation, we remain closely by your side to support and educate you on how to maintain the transformation you achieve with us. The importance of a healthy mind and body is paramount to us and we take an all-encompassing approach to your wellness.

In-person physiotherapy

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Online physiotherapy

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