Ballet meets Pilates

One of the fastest growing fitness trends in the UK, Barre classes combine ballet with the movement flow of Pilates. Based around the idea of gaining the perfect ballet body, Barre classes are designed to tone, lengthen and sculpt your body. At APPI we created our own unique version – Barre Control – which is more controlled, defined and precise.

Barre control

Developed by our co-founder and trained ballerina Elisa Withers, with Doctor of Physical Therapy Kirsten Roberts, Barre Control combines classical ballet technique, APPI Pilates and high intensity interval training (HIIT) – for a challenging workout that focuses on quality of movement.

Beginner or intermediate

Start with a fun, full-body workout at the ballet Barre handrail – a slower-paced class with attention to technique. Step up to add the alignment and grace of a principal ballerina – challenging your strength, control and endurance with more complicated choreography.

We have classes online and in person at our Hampstead and Wimbledon studios – as well as an express 45-minute class for intermediate level in a busy schedule. And if you have an injury, we recommend a pre-assessment with a Physiotherapist to make sure the class is right for you.

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