Home assessment and treatment

We understand it may be better for you if we come to your home for your Physiotherapy or Pilates needs. We’ll happily carry out our expert clinical assessments and treatments in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The home visit service has been a godsend. My mother underwent a total knee replacement at St. Johns and Elizabeth’s Hospital, but we were short of options for ongoing home care. I spoke with Glenn at APPI and it was all sorted within a few hours. We felt extremely confident in the service. The Physio was fully kitted out and had my mother up and walking within minutes – with a great series of home-based exercises and a full home programme for my mother to follow after the session. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.

How it works

When home Physiotherapy or Pilates is better for you, and you live within a 1km radius of the clinic, we can come to you.  You can book a ‘Home Physiotherapy’ or ‘Home Pilates’ appointment and one of our therapists will attend, along with any small equipment and a treatment couch (if needed).  When booking, you are booking an hour of the therapists time. This one hour includes their travel time to and from your house to our clinic. Given the close proximity to our clinic, your treatment time is maximised and is typically 40 minutes.




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