Help it flow

A gentle, non-invasive form of massage which stimulates the flow of lymph around your body.


Why lymphatic flow?

Stimulating the flow of lymph around the body promotes better circulation and promotes the most efficient elimination of our body’s waste and toxins. Better circulation also enhances the delivery of nutrients to cells, providing a boost to our immune systems.

In essence …

The benefits of manual lymphatic drainage include:

  • stimulates blood circulation and improves repair of our body’s tissues
  • increases lymphatic flow to speed up the removal of excess fluid
  • promotes the most efficient elimination of toxins to boost immunity
  • reduces swelling and water retention
  • induces relaxation

Let it help you

Used all around the world in the treatment of lymphedema, water retention, inflammation, swollen legs and poor circulation.

You can book a massage in either of our London clinics in Hampstead and Wimbledon.