Co-ordination and balance

These are Pilates classes to help kids and teens develop their co-ordination, balance, posture and strength in fun and friendly ways.

Kids Pilates

These classes help children to develop their motor skills and a strong core from a young age, helping them to prepare for sports, playing musical instruments and studying. Props like small soft balls, bands and magic circles are used to challenge co-ordination and stability – and to add more fun!

Teens Pilates

Pilates teaches teens to connect with their body and mind – developing their breath, focus and ability to move with purpose and mindfulness. The class helps teens to strength, stretch and achieve better posture and movement, putting them in good stead for adulthood.

We have classes online and in person at our Hampstead and Wimbledon studios. And if your child or teen has an injury, we recommend a pre-assessment with a Physiotherapist to make sure the class is right for them.

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