Care and nurture

Our Physios have specialist expertise in child development and child-related disorders. With precise assessment they’re able to deliver appropriate care and knowledge to children and their families. Babies, children and young people have their own unique personality, potential, strengths and weaknesses – they deserve the best possible care.

What we treat

  • plagiocephaly – the back or side of a baby’s head appearing flattened
  • positional talipes – a foot condition where the baby has an altered foot posture from birth
  • in-toeing and out-toeing – where a child walks or runs with their feet turning inwards or outwards
  • toe-walking – children walk on their toes for a variety of reasons which can be resolved with Physio
  • severs – a common overuse injury in children with pain in the back of the heel – usually during growth spurts, especially in children who play lots of sport

  • torticollis – tightening of muscles on one side of the neck
  • developmental delay – children and toddlers develop on different timescales for many reasons
  • flat feet – a lack of arch in the foot, often due to growth
  • Osgood Schlatter’s – painful swelling below the knee, often in teens who play sport or during growth spurts
  • scoliosis – curvature and twisting of the spine – signs include a visibly curved spine, a prominent ribcage or shoulder, clothes not hanging properly, a difference in leg lengths and back pain

How does it work?

We tailor Physiotherapy treatments to your child’s abilities and needs – often incorporating play into their therapy activities. We’ll work with you and your child to find the cause of the issue and create the best plan of treatment.

Treatments may include

  • gentle mobilisation of joints or tissues
  • movement and biomechanics
  • strengthening and Pilates
  • coordination and balance work
  • taping or strapping
  • sport-specific rehabilitation
  • play

What to expect

Our paediatric Physiotherapist will ask about your child’s injury, issue, any investigations so far, how it’s affecting them and potentially what their birth was like. You and your child can answer these questions together. We’ll then assess the issue to find out the causes and discuss a plan of treatment.

Meet our consultant partners

We value the established, trusted relationships we’ve formed with our handpicked circle of specialist medical partners. We have direct access to specialists who provide speedy communication, referrals, investigations and sound advice.

You can book in-person Physio appointments at our Wimbledon or Hampstead clinics. Our Physio appointments are available online too – we can assess through video chat and discuss likely diagnosis, exercises and next steps.

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