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Pilates to keep your spine happy whilst working from home

Is working from home turning you into a couch potato? Starting to get a few more grumbles from the mid and lower back whilst working from your kitchen table? I certainly am. With the current times ensuring that we #stayhomestaysafe a lot of us have to recreate at makeshift office … Continued

Top tips to support your immunity

Given the current climate, you may feel anxious and perhaps confused. In addition to washing your hands regularly and minimising exposure, there is a whole lot you can do to support and strengthen your immunity. Our immune system involves an intricate and complex network of cells which can recognise and … Continued

What are the benefits of women’s health Physiotherapy?

Do you know that 1 in 3 women experience urinary incontinence in the UK? 1 in 2 will develop a pelvic organ prolapse after childbirth? 60% of women will have diastasis recti (tummy muscle separation) at 6 weeks postpartum and 64% of women will have sexual problems at 6 months … Continued

The Sunshine Vitamin

What is it and why do we need it? Vitamin D is fat soluble, meaning it is dissolved in fats and oils (e.g. avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds) and stored within the fat cells of our body. Unlike other vitamins, it is better classified as a steroid hormone, since … Continued

What you ought to know about stress

Top tips Feel stressed? The truth is, we all do – whether it’s a deadline, that morning commute, bills, daily chores or family commitments. According to Mental Health UK, 74% adults have felt so stressed over the last year that they have felt overwhelmed and unable to cope (1). When … Continued

Avoiding injuries for runners

Running remains one of the world’s most popular forms of exercise, arguably due to its accessibility. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and the determination to step outside and put one foot in front of the other. Data from Strava reveals 82 million runs were recorded … Continued

The Importance of Ski Preparation

It’s that time of the year again when snow bunnies hit the slopes for the thrill and excitement of winter sports. However, they have a high incidence of injuries; more than 246,000 people were treated at hospitals, doctors’ offices, and emergency rooms for injuries related to winter sports in 2015, … Continued

Blood Sugar Nutrition

Who doesn’t need a sweet treat?! Whether it’s an afternoon chocolate bar, morning croissant, a small biscuit to go with our cup of tea or indulging in cakes and pastries on special occasions – sugar is a huge part of our lives and with sugary foods being within easy and … Continued

The Importance of Pilates During Menopause

The menopause can hold a lot of questions for women. Improving your health during the menopause is at the top of most women’s wish lists. Exercise is a popular way to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing but as your body experiences the changes that come with menopause you may … Continued