We are delighted to confirm that in line with current government guidance, APPI Clinics remains open and will continue to offer our services to help you with your health and wellness throughout this latest lockdown.

As you know, we are clinical centres and we are therefore governed by the regulations of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and not those of the gym or leisure industries. Physiotherapy is classed as a medical service and therefore our clinical team are considered essential healthcare workers. We are so pleased that the government and the CSP have approved all Physiotherapy services throughout this latest lockdown. This includes Physiotherapy treatments and 1 to 1 Rehab based Pilates in our socially distanced, COVID safe studios. Our classes are now available online.

More good news from the Association of Sports Rehabilitation professionals, who have also confirmed that all Sports and Rehab therapists can continue to offer their services within clinical and COVID secure work environments.

And there are brighter times ahead as we look forward to easing of the current lockdown measures. Already, on April the 12th we welcomed back our Pilates teachers for 1 to 1 services in our studios. And we look forward to May 17th when we re-open the studios for group exercise and launch a class timetable with many new classes. At this time, we re-introduce you to groups classes taught by our wonderful team of Pilates instructors.

To keep everyone safe, we will continue our risk assessments for all new clients and continue to offer both face to face and online consultations so that you can continue to look after yourself in the way you feel most comfortable.

To make it as easy for you as possible for you to keep healthy during lockdown, all existing credits can be transferred to your online classes without delay.

We look forward to navigating you through all the changes ahead as lockdown restrictions ease and to support you in whatever way we can.

Some important notes about coming to our centres:

1. Face covering or masks

Masks are to be worn at all times when inside the centres.

2. Personal protective wear

To keep everyone safe, our Physiotherapists are wearing face masks and aprons.  Hand washing policies and practices have been updated and taught to all clinicians and we have maintained strict standards on this process.

3. Hand sanitising and washing

Please sanitise your hands when you arrive, wash your hands before your Physiotherapy or Pilates session, and wash them again before leaving the centre.

4. Social distancing

Please aim to keep a safe distance between you and other clients in hallways and other areas while you’re in the centres. We’ve laid out clear floor markers to help us all maintain our distance.

5. Increased time in between all sessions

To avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing, we’ve scheduled in extra time in between all of our appointments.

6. Waiting areas are closed

Our waiting rooms and areas are closed, so please arrive just 5 minutes before your scheduled session and maintain social distancing using our clear floor markings.

7. Enhanced cleaning policy

All surfaces in treatment rooms and studios are sanitised after every client. We have also commenced an enhanced nightly cleaning regime throughout the centres.

8. Bring your own mat and small equipment

We currently don’t provide mats or small equipment. We kindly ask you to bring your own mat and small equipment from home – we’ll provide a supply of sanitiser for you to sanitise your kit on arrival and before leaving the centre. Please don’t share your equipment with anyone else while at the centre.

9. Cashless

To avoid unnecessary contact we’re now cashless. Please remember to bring your contactless payment card or pay online for classes.

10. Stay at home

Please stay at home of you feel unwell at all.


To protect yourself and others, both soap and hand sanitiser can be effective – but soap is more reliable. Therefore we ask you to sanitise your hands when you enter the building – to protect others while you move through the building to our bathrooms, where you can then wash your hands with soap. Good hand hygiene can be the final barrier between us and the virus so let’s do this together!

Respiratory droplets in the form of coughing, sneezing or talking can transmit the coronavirus from anyone who is infected. In line with government guidelines, we ask you help to keep everyone as safe as possible from this form of transmission by wearing a face covering in our communal areas – where you’re in greater contact with people and where there may not be enhanced natural ventilation.