My Ultra Marathon experience


In this blog our Physio and Running Coach Alex Parford, based at our Wimbledon clinic, talks about his Ultra Marathon experience on Saturday 5 June.

I recently undertook my first Ultra Marathon

The race was organised by a company called Maverick Races and was held in Exmoor, North Devon. The distance was 60km with a total of 2,500m of elevation gain, which explains why its nickname is ‘The Beast’.
I ran the race with two of my closest friends and we completed the race in 9 1/2 hours – which was worryingly close to the cut off time of 10 hours!
The race started near Lynton and the first half was mostly along the coastal trail path to Porlock Weir, before cutting back across the moorlands back to Lynton.

We were exceptionally lucky with the weather

Though this didn’t make the terrain any more enjoyable! The hills were non-stop and very long at points, with the downhills being just a brutal as the ascents.
Living in London is not the best when training for such a hilly Ultra, but through a lot of grit and determination we managed to get through it. I would say that it is without doubt the hardest and most brutal event I have ever undertaken but also the most rewarding.

I realised almost anyone could run an Ultra Marathon

It doesn’t take much natural talent at all. However, what it does take is a lot of commitment and a willingness to battle through some seriously hard times.
Would I do another one? 100%.
Would I recommend it to other people? Hell yes!