Injury rehabilitation

In this blog our Physio and Running Coach Alex Parford explains how Physios carry out injury rehabilitation.

What is it?

Injury rehabilitation is a way of improving mobility, strength, balance and co-ordination when trying to recover from an injury. For the vast majority of people, the reason they have pain or have developed an injury is due to that one specific area being overloaded. So the most effective way to recover from this is to strengthen the injured site – but also to improve the mobility, strength, balance or co-ordination of other areas as well.

Why is it important?

For a long time, people associated Physiotherapy treatment with massage, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, ultrasound and a few stretches. However, this is slowly changing.

There has been lots of research over the last ten years which shows how important rehabilitation is when recovering from an injury or pain. Although most people would like to have a massage to release their back or knee pain, we know that this is no longer the gold-standard form of treatment.

An example of injury rehabilitation

Imagine you’re attending the clinic with knee pain. Following an assessment, your Physiotherapist will be able to identify which tissue is restricted and causing discomfort – and also tell which muscle/muscles are weak or not offering enough support to your knee.

Following this assessment the Physio will be able create a rehab programme to improve the strength of certain muscles – so that your knee pain reduces and you decrease the chance of re-injury.

Exercises for knee pain could include glute bridges, single leg squats or calf raises. The Physio will go through these exercises with you in the session so you can then continue them at home.

Post-operative rehabilitation

Rehabilitation following surgery is vitally important to ensure patients return to good health. In some cases rehab following surgery can last up to 18 months. This is so we can guide patients through the correct stages and help them to avoid re-injuring themselves.

Rehabilitation at APPI

At APPI Clinics we now have designated rehabilitation centres. This includes a treadmill, bikes, weights, BOSU balance trainer and video analysis equipment. If you’re struggling with an injury that just won’t go away or you’re looking to return to a high level of sport, let us know!

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