The story of our rebrand

So the story about the APPI rebrand.

The truth is we wanted to make sure the ‘downtime’ during Covid-19 was used properly. It has been the perfect time to take a step back from the day-to-day running of APPI and to reevaluate what the community means to us.

It’s been reaffirming to remind ourselves of our core strengths, and equally beneficial to reveal aspects that have distracted us away from our core mission and values – as well as things we can simply do better. We’ve also recognised that after decades of sharing the same umbrella as our Pilates teacher training business, APPI Health Group, our golden little clinics rightly deserve their own identity.

When we were finally given the green light to open again, we found ourselves re-building and re-focusing. The rebrand was born to better tell our story, missions, values and new commitments moving forwards. Basically, this deep dive into who we are and what we stand for provided clarity at a time of chaos. What better way to build a strong foundation for the best possible experience every time you see us at APPI.

We want you to know us and for us to know you better too.

For this immersive rebrand, we teamed up with Nancy Poller, founder of Aligned Design Co. and have never looked back! And because it’s not just about the design, Nancy enlisted her fantastic team of web creators, e-marketers, social media experts and copy editor – the full, dream team.

All the details of the new branding have been carefully considered. The circular logo relates to dynamic, fluid movement and ultimately the ability to harness our expertise in movement medicine. Softer, earthier colours match our respect and commitment to the environment. Friendly fonts reflect our welcoming nature. A more diverse range of beautiful pictures represents our commitment to inclusivity.

It’s been a dream and we hope you like what we’ve achieved. More than anything, we hope that through this branding, we will better connect with each other.