The benefits of cryotherapy

In this blog, our local partners – The Fit Partnership – talk about cryotherapy and the various ways it can be helpful.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy means using cold exposure for treatment. At The Fit Partnership, we’re fortunate to have one of the biggest and coldest chambers in London!

How does it work?

In response to whole-body cryotherapy, your blood rushes to your internal organs and the stress chemistry of your brain ‘resets’. After just 3 minutes in the chamber, freshly oxygenated blood flushes through your skin and limbs – accelerating the healing of any injuries – and a burst of endorphins promotes greater levels of energy and mental clarity.

How can it help?

We’re all familiar with the ability of cold to reduce inflammation – like icing injuries. Exposing your whole body to the cold further reduces any inflammation and pain.

Cryotherapy can also:

  • boost your skin, mental, immune, cardiovascular, joint, and neurological health
  • promote longevity
  • enhance your exercise performance
  • improve your sleep

Not a fan of the cold?

That’s ok – the cold air of cryotherapy is much more tolerable than the cold water of a cold shower.

The short time period, reduction in pain, and boost in mood and energy make it a brilliantly invigorating experience – even for those who most fear the cold.

Read more of the benefits of cryotherapy on our The Fit Partnership website

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