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Zareena Hussain


Zareena graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University in 2021 and has recently completed her Masters in Physiotherapy at St George’s University.  Zareena has had experience working within clinical settings and sporting environments such as ice hockey and rugby. From Zareena’s studies she has gained skills in exercise prescription, rehabilitation following injury, and soft tissue therapy such as massage, with a particular interest in running analysis and the management of running-related injuries.

Zareena has always had a passion for exercise and keeping an active lifestyle. In particular, Zareena has a love for running and has completed different running events such as Manchester Marathon. Zareena holds an athletics coaching qualification as she is keen to share her knowledge and promote the physical, mental, and social benefits of physical activity whilst ensuring it is enjoyable. In her spare time, Zareena is also a keen cyclist and enjoys practicing Pilates.