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Olga Hayward

Rehabilitation Therapist, APPI Pilates Instructor & Educator
BSc Sport Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, APPI Pilates

Olga is an enthusiastic and skilled practitioner who provides injury rehabilitation and prevention using Pilates, manual therapy, dry needling and fascia sling techniques. She has developed her skills and dedicated work ethic in private hospital and sports clinics – and gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing patients fully recovering from injury or surgery.

Olga loves teaching Pilates and recommends it as a great form of exercises to improve posture, fitness levels, confidence and wellbeing. Her motto is that each patient should be treated with empathy and as an individual human being. Her favourite thing to do outside of work is travel, walking the dog and hiking with her family.

"I am pleased with my one to one Pilates sessions with Olga at APPI. She structures the classes with care and always makes sure each session has something new which helps me progress. I definitely feel that my Pilates sessions are well worthwhile."