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Natalie McGuire

Natalie McGuire

APPI Pilates Instructor – online clinic

Natalie started practising Pilates in 2004, and since then it has been her ‘go to’ for feeling unknotted and relaxed. She credits Pilates for strengthening her core, bringing awareness to her movements and improving her posture and balance, so that her body is better prepared for the unexpected.

She took a leap away from the corporate world and indulged her passion by training to become a Pilates teacher with APPI in 2020. Her style is purposeful, detailed, nurturing and lighthearted – using lots of visual prompts to help her clients focus on ensuring correct muscle activation and movement. Her sessions help to stretch, strengthen and mobilise our bodies, appreciating how they move, and how posture, balance and control are all affected.

A strong believer that Pilates compliments many different exercise types, Natalie has used it to help prepare for distance running, climbing mountains and recovering from pregnancy. Pilates also gives a reminder to the strength that we can find from using our breath – to relax, achieve a lift and take the body further than you thought possible. Pilates will keep your body moving in many different directions, helping it remain active and ready for whatever exciting challenges lay ahead of you.