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Morena De Leonardis

Movement and Sport Science Master’s, Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certificate

Morena comes from a dance background and has extensive experience in teaching Pilates, as well as dance and swimming. Before starting her Pilates career she worked as a contemporary dance performer. Morena’s classes focus on fluidity and efficiency of movement. The Pilates exercises are intended to flow within and into each other – creating an enjoyable and graceful movement experience that involves the whole body. She’s able to motivate groups and individuals, demonstrate exercises with accuracy, and customise routines for various level of fitness by creating a comfortable and friendly environment.

Morena has worked with a wide spectrum of physical needs such as back pain, osteoporosis and incorrect alignment and posture. Physical or psychological tensions are commonly related to muscle pain, which can lead to bad posture. That’s why Morena encourages her clients to become more mindful of their breath and muscles – providing a place for the body to relax and a space for the mind to focus.

Morena is a strong believer of self-care techniques, but she has also learned over the years that regular practice and patience are indispensable for progress. Outside of work Morena loves dancing, enjoying nature, decorative design and screen printing.