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Luiza Kessler

APPI Pilates Instructor
BSc Physiotherapy MHCPC MCSP

Luiza is a Brazilian Physiotherapist working at APPI as a Pilates Instructor. Luiza completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre in 2013. Coming from a background in ballet, she has been deeply involved with movement for the last 20 years. Throughout her dance studies she used Pilates herself to treat and prevent injuries, which led her to start the Pilates Instructor Course from Metacorpus Pilates while still at university. In Brazil she worked for three years as a Pilates Instructor and as a Physiotherapist with dance related injuries. In 2017 Luiza moved to London to develop her research in contemporary dance and to deepen her knowledge in the Pilates method. In the UK she has been sharing her joy and passion for movement by teaching Pilates and working professionally as a dancer.

Luiza draws beautifully on her Physiotherapy knowledge, Pilates training and personal experience as a professional contemporary dancer. Her passion lies in helping all people reach their maximal movement potential.

Luiza is a terrific teacher. I’m enjoying attending her Reformer on the mat class, after taking her Improver class before lockdown. I very much appreciate her creativity, knowledge, skill and generosity as a teacher
Louiza's classes are great. She explain the exercises very well and even though I've done years of pilates she has taught me new things to engage my body. Again great variation of classes, spends time checking us online and giving feedback. I've really enjoyed her improver classes as they really get me working on the basic elements in a hard way.