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James Woodhouse

Pilates Instructor

James has been teaching Pilates for over 5 years and is committed to helping his clients achieve their goals with a series of gradual progressions. He advocates reformer Pilates as the perfect tool to promote better movement patterns and body awareness in clients, so they can improve performance, health and longevity – both on the sports field and in everyday life.
James aims to make a big difference, whether it’s to improve athletic performance, recover from an injury or come back from a long absence. He feels passionately that the way you move is important – not just for your athletic potential, but also for the way your body feels and the prevention of injuries.

“Health isn’t just about having a healthy body, but also a happy soul”.  Outside of work, James loves to spend time travelling, being in nature and with my family. I also find the occasional glass of wine never hurts.

James is such a good teacher. Love this class! - L Younger