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Dan Kingham

Dan Kingham

APPI Pilates Instructor

Dan started his Pilates journey in 2014, shortly after rupturing the ACL ligament in his knee while playing football. He worked with an APPI-trained Physiotherapist to strengthen the core and posture muscles he needed to work on his movement quality. With the addition of regular Pilates, Dan was able to return to sport smoothly, and improve his mobility, performance and resilience to further injuries.

After his own success with Pilates, Dan decided to qualify with APPI himself. Pilates was something he felt was extremely beneficial, and a form of exercise that people from all walks of life should be doing. A particular passion of his is to use Pilates-based exercises with individuals who enjoy sports and strength training – helping them to stay injury free, and educating them on control and precision in their own movement.

“Pilates seems to have a certain stereotype – one that suggests it’s for older generations, or for people with injuries. I have set out to make it clear that is not the case, and to encourage everyone – including healthy, young, active individuals – to include Pilates in their training. I believe it can help us all perform exercise to a higher standard, while simultaneously helping to futureproof our bodies, meaning we can all do the things we love, for as long as possible.”