Strength and Conditioning for Runners

Like with most activities,running as a sport puts extra load and stress on the body that it needs to be able to manage. For runners, the load placed on the lower limbs is between 2.5 – 3 times bodyweight.

The average male weighs approx 80kg x 2.5 (Load) = 200kg. That equals to 100,000kg of load per leg per km. The human body is incredibly capable and can normally withstand these types of load. The problem comes when these loads are in excess of what your body can happily cope with.

What is strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a form of resistance training that looks at addressing specific areas of weakness, muscle imbalance, control and balance, and functional Mobility.

How can this help my running

Strength and conditioning training is an integral part of a well-balanced exercise program and is key to keeping top athletes at peak physical performance. It is an effective way to help with recovery and returning to normal function following an injury

Maintaining or restoring good strength is essential to managing the load put on the body during running helping to reduce that load. While strength and control training can reduce the overall load it can also;
Reduce the risk of acute injuries by 1/3 and overuse injuries to 1/2.
Reduce the cardiovascular demand and become more energy efficiency.
Improve running economy by between 2  -8% and time trial performance by between 2 – 5%.

What to expect

The Pilates Strength and Conditioning for Runners has been specially design to focus on training-running performance, injury prevention as well as general fitness.

The course will start September 16th which will run every Wednesday for 6 weeks. These are 55 minute group sessions which will include the use of Pilates equipment to help to improve strength, power, endurance and control.

Who can use this service?

The sessions are open to anyone looking to recover from injury someone wanting to improve their morning performance or simply get fitter and stronger

For further information please contact Our Wimbledon Clinic . We can discuss your specific questions/needs in more detail.

Please be aware demand is very high and we do have a limited number of spaces available so if you are interested please do not hesitate in booking your slot.

Look forward to seeing you soon.