Return of the Reformer!

Here are just some of the many great things we love about the Pilates Reformer:

  • The spring loaded system provides resistance to get your muscles working hard, which gives you the feedback you need to connect your mind with your body.
  • The enormous choice of movement options and different positions to exercise in – from dynamic and jumping to static holding. Whether you’re sitting, kneeling, standing or everything in-between, the Reformer can assist or challenge your movement.
  • It’s a rehab angel. It’s priceless in the early stages of rehab to be able to load muscles and joints without having to fully weight bear. This across-gravity mechanism offers desired loading as well as support, safety and confidence in movement.
  • Sports-specific training for our athletes and sportspeople. From replicating your tennis shots or strengthening your legs to support those phases during the running cycle – the Reformer trains your balance, coordination and stability in sports-specific ways.
  • That post-Reformer glow! You leave the studio stretched, invigorated and feeling like you’ve just inherited a new body – or at the very least wound the clock back ten years.
  • Movement intention and mindfulness are part of the process. Body awareness and mindfulness of your body’s response to movement and corrections are invaluable – helping you to transfer your Pilates movement practice into your everyday movements.

Author: Richu Brar