Resistance training

Strength and conditioning is a form of resistance training for improving specific areas of weakness, muscle imbalance, limited function and movement. It’s an integral part of a well-balanced exercise programme – used by top athletes or for recovery or returning to normal function after an injury.

How does this help?

You’ll improve your strength and control – which can reduce pain related to joint, muscle tendon and ligament issues. It also helps to prevent injuries by improving your body’s resilience to the stress and strains of training.

Is it right for you?

Sessions are open to anyone recovering from injury, someone wanting to improve their sporting performance or daily function, or if you simply want to get fitter and stronger.

We have classes online and in person at our Wimbledon studio. And if you have an injury, we recommend a pre-assessment with a Physiotherapist to make sure the class is right for you.

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