Technique training for runners

Athletic man running with earphones

By Alex Parford, Physiotherapist, Run coach and Ultra marathon runner

What is it?

Through running technique training you can improve your form and biomechanics when you run. It’s usually done by implementing drills and coaching cues to make your running more efficient and effective.

Why do it?

Running technique training can be used to improve efficiency, speed and also reduce the risk of injury.

For every stride you take your ankle, knee and hip absorb roughly 2.5-3 times your bodyweight. If you have poor technique this could easily increase further, causing overload of soft tissue.

On the other hand, if you have a technique that’s fluid and light you could not only reduce the risk of injury but also improve your performance.

How do I know if my technique needs improving?

  1. You could do is ask a friend if they notice anything obvious about the way you run.
  2. Or you could try running without headphones – this is a great way to listen to how heavy your landing is.
  3. Or if you wanted to take things a little further you could have your technique assessed by a running specialist. This can be done by videoing your technique while on a treadmill, which would allow the specialist to identify any major issues.

How do I improve my technique?

After your technique has been properly assessed, there are a number of things that can be done to make you more efficient.

Running specific drills, cues while doing intervals on a treadmill, and mobility/strengthening exercises can all be effective. These should all be done with a coach – as trying to improve your technique independently without feedback could lead to further issues.

We can help!

If you’d like to improve your technique, you’re very welcome to contact us so you can be assessed by one of our specialist running coaches Sam Wells and myself Alex Parford.

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Couch to 5km

WithKione, MSK Physiotherapist
When: Wednesdays 7pm, July 14th – August 18th, 2021

For: Perfect for beginners or if you haven’t run for years, for those returning from injury and for anyone wanting to learn how to prevent injuries. Each session includes a run specific dynamic warm up, technique drills and progressive running, followed by effective cool down, weekly run strength exercise and training tips.

Our team goal is to join together for a 5km run in the final week to celebrate the running journey together.

10km and beyond

WithAlex, MSK Physiotherapist, Run coach and Ultra marathon runner
When: Mondays 7pm, July 12th – August 16th*, 2021

*However, if you’d like to join ad-hoc please email us and we can see if there are spaces available:

For: This new club targets the already regular runner who may be aiming for a 10km+ event and who is invested in learning more about running training techniques, mechanics and training principles.

The sessions will include a dynamic warm up, technique drills, intervals/hills, plyometrics and run specific cool down.

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