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Todd Taylor

Qualified BASI Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, ART Practitioner

Todd has taught Pilates in San Francisco since 2007. His comprehensive Pilates course training was with BASI and the Ron Fletcher programme of study. Todd’s background in movement includes ongoing experience as a Mysore Ashtanga practitioner and teacher. In addition, Todd has expertise in soft tissue release using the ART (Active Release Techniques) methodology. Todd found this combined body of work through his own personal imbalance and rehabilitation from his days of skiing fast, crashing hard and riding an office chair as a desk jockey. Todd had to focus on proper posture, learn to avoid unhealthy movement patterns and uneven engagement or continue down a path of physical pain and suffering.

Through Todd’s own healing, the guidance of many world class teachers, and hard work he has developed the ability to give to others the gifts that have helped him remove physical blockages and approach his body’s ability to thrive in balance.