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Lucy Metcalfe

MSK Physiotherapist & APPI Pilates Instructor

Lucy graduated from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. She has a passion for exercise rehabilitation, manual therapy, and long-term management; with a special interest in lower limb injuries and women’s health / return to exercise post-partum. Lucy is certified in Dry Needling and commonly uses this within her practise. 

Lucy comes from a large sport and exercise background, she has played netball at a highly competitive level, and enjoys doing CrossFit and gym in her spare time. She has spent a lot of her clinical time working with rugby athletes and pitch side injury management in New Zealand. 

Lucy utilises an evidence-based rehabilitation approach within her physiotherapy management and treatment plans and ensures it is a personalised and specific approach. Lucy will be undertaking APPI Pilates training and will be incorporating this within her treatment plans as well as her expertise in exercise rehabilitation.

I started physiotherapy with Lucy Metcalfe in October 2022. As an aerialist recovering from an injury, I was looking for someone to give me a precise exercise programme and to teach me to use my body intelligently. Lucy has been very patient and sensitive to my needs, responding to whatever was going on in a given week. The physical benefits of her approach are beyond any of my expectations. I have new-found freedom in and ownership of my body. I leave our sessions feeling refreshed, relaxed, encouraged, and frankly, powerful, ready to take on challenges and hopeful that I can achieve the goals that seem to keep moving further and further into the future.