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Kal Karrara

Sports Therapist and Massage Therapist
BSc Sports Therapist Diploma Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy, Level 4 Remedial Massage Therapy

With 10 years of experience in remedial, sports and pregnancy massage, Kal has gained valuable skills while studying, living and working in Sydney and London. He has a both a traditional and holistic approach, and he uses all the techniques he’s gained in his treatments today. Kal believes sports massage is a necessity in terms of keeping the body healthy – and that maintaining various aspects of sports therapy will only help the person’s wellbeing both mechanically and mentally. Kal’s interest in sports massage began while practising kung fu, where he encountered people who had old injuries. He was able to help their recoveries, but he also wanted to be able to dig a little deeper and really find out what was happening in their bodies.

Kal has a specific interest in treating people with neck, shoulder and hip issues – whether to improve performance, aid recovery from an injury, or simply allow people to be able to work at a desk free from aches and pains. When away from the office you can find Kal practising his two great passions – Wing Chun kung fu and boxing.