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Denise Kwan

Pilates Instructor

I was first introduced to Pilates at 12 years of age during my intensive training at Boston Ballet School. Throughout gymnastics and ballet training, Pilates has always been a daily routine for me to energise and prepare my body for the day. After my career as a professional ballet dancer, I decided to be a movement facilitator and branched off to study fitness, Yoga, Pilates and Barre instructing.

My teaching journey started with body conditioning classes in dance studios around Melbourne. As the trend of fitness blooms, and with the impact of Covid-19, many more people have realised the importance of exercise for balancing work and mental wellbeing. I also became much more engaged in teaching Pilates Reformer classes to the general public – whether in boutique Pilates studios, clinical settings or fitness gyms. The vibes in each environment can be very different so I am used to being versatile.

My diverse teaching experience allows me to adapt and accommodate your needs. I like to put clients’ feelings and condition as my first priority. I build the stairway for you to achieve your long-term goals. I am excited to join the team at APPI to help people to enhance their health holistically.