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Barrels of Fun

Saturday 13th January 11 - 12.15pm
APPI Clinics Hampstead


Treat yourself to our 75 minute Barrels of Fun workshop with Jenn Vigh and have a blast exploring new movement possibilities which enhance posture, strength, mobility and confidence in your ability.

This time is about having fun! We’ll start with some gentle moves on the arc barrel on the mat so you can start to feel the magical possibilities on this feel good Pilates prop.  The arc barrel is a firm favourite for supporting the body through movements to further stretch, move and align your body.   We’ll then guide you through a delicious flow on the reformer with the arc barrel which will enhance the depth, range and strength of your movement experience – all while having barrels of fun with Jenn of course!

We invite people of all levels to this workshop. Grab your spot. Very limited 6 spots only available.

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